“If you ignore what matters most to you, it becomes what is the matter with you.”
—Paula Reeves

“It is exhausting—the battle to give yourself shape.”
—Anne Lammot

“We need to delve deeper
than the experience of the
image; we need to turn
ourselves inside out to
discover what really matters.”
—The Body Self

What is the Body Self?
The Body Self is in all of us. It is the opportunity we all have to challenge the epidemic belief that by changing our bodies, we can change our lives. It is a way of seeing ourselves without self doubt, comparison, and judgment. It is the chance to turn our body image inside out and explore much more deeply what our bodies hold and what they have to teach us. By illuminating the Body Self, we can tap into the life force, health and power that is inaccessible to us when we are focused on changing and/ or hating our bodies.

The Body Self emerged from conversations between two women, each working in the field of eating disorders, one with groups, the other with individuals. As treaters, Whitney and Deb saw how difficult it was for their clients to talk about body image and how challenging it was to create the time and space to adequately address and explore these very painful and complex struggles. It was conceptualized as a way to define what so many seek- acceptance through the body, without judgment, without apology. It is a three dimensional way to interpret and understand how we hold our histories, our beliefs, our dreams and our fears in our bodies. It offers the idea that our body is our teacher, not our tormenter and by deconstructing the unique stories each of our bodies has to tell, we can move away from seeing it as a two dimensional image and allow us to connect more deeply to the self and truth behind it.