Whitney Post, MA
Whitney’s work focuses on the powerful growth and healing available through exploring our relationship with our bodies. Her emphasis on connection and community is based on her experience as an elite athlete, coach, and group therapist. She developed and ran an intensive outpatient program for the treatment of eating disorders at Walden Behavioral Care and has facilitated hundreds of recovery groups.

As a former World Champion and Olympic athlete, she is the founder of Teaming with Power, a consulting practice committed to empowering college and high school athletes through personal inquiry, education, and teambuilding. Her workshop clients include Harvard University, Colby College, Boston University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Whitney brings her unique blend of relational sports psychology to her individual coaching practice, where she specializes in working with athletes with eating disorders. Visit www.teamingwithpower.com for more information on her work.

Deb Schachter, LICSW
Deb has been specializing in the treatment of eating issues for over ten years. She approaches her work through a relational model, focusing on the power of caring and connection in the healing process. She began her training in acute inpatient and medical settings, where she later developed day treatment programming for men with eating disorders and began running her ongoing outpatient groups for women in varying stages of life and recovery, “Recovering Ourselves.”

Deb has also consulted to various colleges in the area, supervising health education programs, and offering presentations to students. She currently works full time in her private practice in Brookline where she sees individuals as well as facilitating groups and workshops. Deb’s work integrates mind body and spirit, and helps her clients develop greater independence, will and self worth.